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WH compliance is a private owned business with over fifteen years of Water Hygiene Compliance, working across the UK, undertaking Legionella Risk Assessments, System Chlorination, Tank cleaning and Water Testing.

We work to keep you and others safe and legal, under UK Law.

Legionella Risk Assessments

All Legionella Risk Assessments are undertaken electronically and are HSE/CQC and LCA approved, Prices from: £250 per risk assessment.

Water Testing & Sampling

Water Samples Taken, then returned and tested using UKAS approved laboratories, Prices from: £45 per sample.                       

Training Courses

All Legionella Awareness / Management Training Courses are carried out on-site within a Covid safe environment. Prices from: £ 250 per course.

Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning

We undertake certified water tank cleaning and down service chlorination, ensuring complete UK legal compliance. 

Injection Chlorination

We undertake all pipework chlorination, ensuring your water systems are kept infection clear, compliant and safe to use.

Infection Control

If hot or cold water is found to be infected at your property, we will quickly and discreetly neutralise it, then work with you to manage and control the system. 

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What Is Legionella and why is it such a threat?

6 July 2019, Bournemouth Health Spa is found to contain Legionella leading to the Spa being closed for business.

4 July 2019, Health officials declare Legionnaires outbreak at London’s Dolphin Square with specialist’s set to disinfect the water systems.

19 December 2020, The Simon Langton Girls Grammar School in Canterbury ordered to close by the Kent County Council due to Legionella fears.

Two British Holidaymakers die of Legionnaires’ disease after staying at a Bulgarian resort.


Legionella pneumophila is a potentially deadly bacteria found in soil that enters our waterways and is present in our cold water supply feeds to all buildings. It enters at such low levels that it should not be a problem. Even if water looks clean it can still be contaminated. If however the cold and hot water system within the building is not managed to the HSE-ACOP L8 standard, it can quickly become a KILLER.

With hundreds of Legionella cases reported each year across the UK and a number of deaths linked to them, it is vital that building managers, caretakers, facilities staff and responsible persons not only understand but manage the risks as the HSE-CQC and law demand.

If a confirmed case of Legionella presents at a Doctors or Hospital it will be reported (RIDDOR) to the HSE & Health Authorities who will act immediately to investigate where it originated.

Legionella pneumophila is DNA traceable, not only back to the building it came from, but the outlet it came out of. 

All staff undertaking L8 monitoring or record keeping or flushing MUST be Legionella Awareness trained.

NOT to comply with the HSE/CQC ACOP-L8, could lead to a court summons and possible prosecution!



Legionella can enter the Lungs and if not treated it will incubate, within 2-10 days leading to a pneumonia and possible DEATH. The HSE states: (as the Responsible Person it is YOUR responsibility to ensure others safety).

Other Services

  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Pool Risk Assessment
  • L8 Monitoring & Flushing
  • Supply of Water Hygiene Log Book
  • L8 Written Schemes
  • Legionella Awareness Training
  • Cold Water Tank Inspection & Clean
  • Spa Pool Sampling & Testing
  • Chlorination & Disinfection
  • New Work Inspection
  • Infection Control
  • TMV/TMT Servicing and Clean