Schools & Colleges

Having Risk assessed many schools over the years it has become clear that water usage has changed.  Many schools have multiple showers and cold-water tanks that are no longer used to their full capacity, this causes water stagnation which can aid bacteria growth. Most schools also have multiple TMVs which can create contamination within the system if not managed correctly. In some cases it is found that caretakers or maintenance staff are not correctly trained, leaving the school HSE or CQC non-compliant.


A Dental practice is very vulnerable to contamination and infection by the nature of the work undertaken, not only is the buildings hot and cold water subject to strict scrutiny but the chair irrigation and drill turbine must be regulated to the highest level. The irrigation bottle water supply must be regularly flushed and disinfected and the drill turbine fitted with a turbine brake to prevent drawback from the mouth into the exhaust feed pipe. Reverse Osmosis systems must be regularly serviced and cleaned as should be the autoclave. Staff training and a good understanding of water hygiene is vital to ensuring safety and CQC compliance leading to the correct management policies within the practice. 


Many Doctors surgeries have a large number of hot and cold water outlets often controlled using TMVs or TMTs, it is vital that not only is the buildings water hygiene managed correctly to the HSE-CQC requirement but all in-line mixing valves are regularly serviced and cleaned. Also ensuring the hot temperatures throughout the building are maintained at 55c at each valve with the cold no higher than 20c. It is also vital that the responsible person is Legionella awareness and management trained to comply to HSE-CQC standards. All outlets must be clean from scale as this is where Legionella and Pseudomonas can be found causing catastrophic problems.  L8 Monitoring and Flushing must take place and all records kept to conform with the law.    

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Care Homes

Many large Care Homes have tanked cold water supplies due to the amount of water required at any one time, it is very important that these tanks are monitored and maintained regularly to stop any contamination and infection, as this can become a killer for older or immune suppressed people as the elderly. With many homes using communal building washing facilities and not the in-room bathrooms it is vital that a flushing routine is undertaken weekly to stop stagnant water from contaminating the entire building. All maintenance staff must be Legionella trained and operate a strict L8 Monitoring and Flushing policy with records kept, or the home will not be HSE-CQC compliant.   


All Hotels Must adopt a strict Legionella L8 policy ensuring all shower heads are cleaned and disinfected regularly. All scale should be removed from outlets to stop infection build-up. Plant and equipment must be inspected regularly with Monitoring and flushing of little used rooms taking place. Cold water tanks should be regularly inspected and cleaned as Legionella is DNA traceable and can be located even after a long period of time back to its origin. An L8 Monitoring and Flushing routine should be in-place with all maintenance staff trained to a high standard in both Legionella Awareness and Legionella Management to ensure HSE-CQC and the law compliant.  

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Commercial Buildings

All Commercial Buildings Must have a Legionella Risk Assessment and appoint a responsible person to be L8 compliant. If your business has five people or more or visitors to the building and you have one toilet, the LAW stipulates a Risk Assessment every two years. The L8 compliance must be in-place and operating at all times. The staff that manage the L8 Compliance must be fully trained in Legionella Awareness and Legionella Management. Unless you have less than five people entering your business premises! It is LAW. 


The Law states that if your retail business has five or more employees or you offer toilet facilities to your customers, i.e. a Restaurant, then you must have a Legionella Risk Assessment completed every two years to be legal. You must also adopt an on-going L8 policy with at least one of your staff trained in Legionella Awareness and Legionella Management to a good level, or an HSE Audit could see your business closed. Retail premises as Garden Centres must also have L8 in-place for irrigation systems and a policy to manage them. A watering hose, Car Wash even a tile manufacturer that uses tank water to supply the tile cutters on an industrial bases will be Legionella Risk Assessment liable.

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Leisure & Sport

Having Risk Assessed many Golf Clubs and Sports Centres over the years and the facilities offered by clubs such as showers, it makes them a high risk business when it comes to Legionella. It is vitally important that Legionella Risk Assessments are in-place at all times as elderly members could be at high risk of infection. Also with on-green irrigation systems in operation it is important that a management policy is in-place while operating these systems. Tank cold water is often used due to the large possible demand for shower supply in the club house, this must be managed and have L8 in-place with your staff trained and understanding Legionella Awareness and Legionella Management.

Commercial Management

If as a Commercial Management Agent you are responsible for the upkeep of a block of flats, then you must have a communal area Legionella Risk Assessment for that building, even if there is just one outside tap. More often there is cold water tanks somewhere within the building so the Law states a Legionella Risk Assessment is required. If you are responsible for an office building then you must have a communal area Legionella Risk Assessment, not for the rented space only the communal. HSE-CQC law states that as a responsible person you must be trained in Legionella Awareness and Legionella Management to be compliant by law. I have trained a large number of Commercial Agents and assisted with Legionella building compliance on their behalf and would be happy to discuss any issue’s you may have. 

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Yes: if your are a Commercial/Public /Club property and have five or more employees or the public within.

Yes: you are not legal if you need to have one but do not, you could be prosecuted.

Yes: Legionella infections are reported hundreds of times a year, and kills a number of people infected.

Yes: Legionella is DNA Traceable even back to the building and the outlet it came from. 

NO: If found on-site, ( it can be dealt with), but YES if reported as an infection to a Doctor or Hospital, RIDDOR is the UK reporting network that will inform the HSE-Health Authorities if found.

Yes: you could be prosecuted or even go to prison.